4011 Papin Street

St. Louis, MO 63110

Main: (314)533-0975

Fax: (314)533-0974


16 responses to “Contact

  1. hi rhonda!
    i estimate you received my letter and i wish to confirm to you. iam very motivate to work as a french teacher in your area. really that’s my dream now. i’m looking forward your reply.


  2. Susan M Oberman

    Dear Rhonda,

    I recently forwarded my Resume, Cover Letter and other Descriptors that will demonstrate to you my inteest and experience with Immersion. I wss educated at Montreal’s McGill University, a French and English major and a genuine believer in all aspects of Immersion. Hopefully you will find my documents of great interest!

    Sue Oberman

  3. Is there still going to be a parent orientation meeting on April 25th?

  4. Do people who send letters that contain grammar and spelling errors really expect to be considered as teachers for this school? Those interested in jobs should be some proofreading.

    • Cindy, I find your comment offensive and unnecessary. Perhaps you should re-read the last sentence of your post.

  5. How to I subscribe to this so I get emailed notifications when new items are posted?

    • Sorry for the delayed reply. We now have a sidebar on the blog giving you the option to subscribe.

      • How does one unsubscribe from the blog feed to the email?
        thank you

      • You can go to the My Subscriptions link in the left hand side bar under the Dashboard section. From there, click the link that says “managed under the subscriptions tab” and on the new page, click EDIT on the box that is labeled Following. You can then edit all of your subscriptions.

  6. Looking forward to sending our daughter here next year!

  7. Marybeth Strauss

    One thing I think would enhance this weblog or the SLLIS website is to have details regarding the staff at the school(s)& their experience (sort of resume synopsis). This would be especially helpful to parents of prospective students.

    • Marybeth, thank you for your comment! More specific information on our staff would enhance our blog and/or webpage. We have begun discussing your suggestion and will keep you updated!

  8. Caswalyn Landry-Ivory

    what happened to the website? It used to be more accessible and organized. I am having issues finding my child’s teacher/classroom info here. We used to have to log in…help!!!!

  9. Caswalyn, thanks for your concerns. We are working hard to improve our website and My SLLIS Parent Portal. Below is a link to the portal. Once you register your email you will be able to see information regarding your children’s teacher and classes.

  10. Thanks, but it is a given that my email address should be registered. The information still was not available. Now, a few months later, the website is in much better shape. Kudos to all that worked on it’s improvement!

  11. I read on your website that you are unable to take new enrollments for grades 2-5. I am looking for any information regarding Spanish duel immersion programs around the St Louis area. The situation….our family is looking at a possible work relocation to St Louis and our daughter is finishing her second year in a Spanish dual immersion program and I would hate for her to lose what she has learned. I have not been able to find a program thus far and would love any feedback or suggestions on other options to keeping her immersed in the language. Thank you in advance

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