TCS to Participate in Read, Right & Run Marathon

The Chinese School will be once again be participating in the GO! St. Louis Read, Right & Run Marathon.  This great program encourages children to spend the next five months reading, doing good deeds in their community, and, of course, exercising.  Last year, we had about 30 TCS students participate in the event and their response was overwhelmingly positive.

The program tasks children with reading 26 books, doing 26 good deeds, and running 26 miles on their own, from now until April.  The reading requirement is based on the reading level the individual child is at. For our younger students, that could mean practicing sight words or having a Dr. Seuss book read to them, while more advanced readers might be tackling chapter books.  Doing the right thing can be as simple as picking up litter or donating an old toy to charity or anything else that benefits our neighborhoods. And the running requirement is all about getting the body moving. Forty minutes of active play is worth a mile of running.  So playing basketball, riding a bike, or just running around at recess can all count towards their goal of 26 miles.

After “running” 25 miles on their own, the kids will finish their marathon at a special kids-only race held in Forest Park on Saturday, April 9. The one mile run is on a closed course with other students from all across the St. Louis region. Kids will get a tshirt and race number, and as they cross the finish line they’ll receive their own marathon medal.  If you’re concerned that your child cannot run a mile race, they can.  All of our students last year finished the race in less than 15 minutes, which is pretty impressive.

There is a fee to sign your child up. The full rate price is $20, and children who are eligible for reduced or free school lunches can pay a discounted price of $8. Instructions for how to register your child online, as well as a registration form that can be printed up and returned to your child’s teacher, are attached to this email. The children will also be bringing these forms home in their backpacks.

TCS Team Information (PDF) | 2016 Application (PDF)

TCS parent Kevin Trapp can be reached for questions at all about the program or the registration process at


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