2015 State of SLLIS Recap

2015 State of SLLIS Presentation

A Message from Founder & President Rhonda Broussard:

Thank you to all of the students, families, staff, and Board members who joined us for the State of SLLIS this evening.  I’d like to give a special recognition to TSS leadership (Arlene, Jessica Menzies-Yip, Ana Lopez, and Chip Meyer) and Lydia (TCS/TIS) for supporting all three presentations of this year’s State of SLLIS.  I really appreciate all of your feedback and suggestions. Attached please find the Powerpoint presentation for this year with key headlines about where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re headed.

We are thankful for all of the real listening and partnership of our SLLIS community this school year.  We’ve had a series of difficult conversations about our stability and sustainability needs and are encouraged by the heavy-lifting that our Board, staff, and parents are doing this year to keep us moving forward for our students.  Our talk this year included some key reminders, clarifications, and explorations:
  • Our original intent for summer session is a built-in extended year for all students and that’s what we’re planning for this school year as well.  We are looking forward to working with all of our students through June 12th and introducing the Financial Literacy curriculum with them.
  • Schools have not received this year’s MAP scores yet and will share them as soon as they are available.  As states transition to Common Core aligned assessments, like Missouri did this year, they typically experience a 30-60% drop in student performance.  We are anticipating that outcome (we could go from 50% to 0% students proficient/advanced) and are anxious to see where we are and re-establish our performance targets.
  • We are starting to explore partnership options with St. Louis Public Schools, particularly around operations needs.  As we review data and get clearer about mutually beneficial options, we’ll bring those options to our full community for consideration and comment.
 We founded SLLIS on a premise of audacious goals for our children and the type of education that they deserve.  We have accomplished these critical founding goals (IB authorized, total immersion, intentionally-diverse, tuition free eduction) and now we’ve set the next set of audacious goals for our performance.  Our investments this year in literacy, special education, and operations team rebuilds have been phenomenal and shifting our adult culture.  We’re looking forward to next year and getting one step closer to realizing significant outcomes for all of our community.

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