Dr. Lydia Chen to lead both The Chinese School and The International School

As SLLIS has been reviewing our program needs for serving all students, we have made the strategic decision to bring management of The International School under the direction of Dr. Lydia Chen, founding Head of The Chinese School. We are deeply appreciative of the work of founding TIS Head of School, Jeff Lash, and wish him well in his next endeavors.

Lydia has exemplary teaching experience in grades preK-university and has successfully lead TCS for three years.   Lydia will serve as Head of School for both The Chinese School and The International School.  In its founding years, TIS serves a small number of grades and students, bringing the total population under Lydia’s direction to 285 students and 13 teachers, comparable to that of The French School. Lydia is uniquely positioned to lead this transition with the highest amount of stability and reassurance for students, families, and staff.  She has confidently navigated the move to Marine, has implemented key culture components for PYP and PBIS authorization this year and has the support of her school leadership team. 

SLLIS is committed to making the transition as seamless as possible for staff and students of both school communities.  Lydia, and I have held joint meetings of TCS/TIS faculty, TCS/TIS SAC Executive Committees and TIS students to discuss the leadership transition and expectations.  With TIS staff, Lydia will continue work on team building and staffing assignments, student culture expectations, TIS school-specific strategic plan and parent engagement through the end of this schoolyear. We invite families of current 5th and 6th graders to meet Lydia during the Marine Open Housenext Thursday, May 7th. 

We are looking forward to building on the foundation from this school year to create an even more robust TIS experience for all of our students in the fall. 

Bon weekend,

To position all children for success in local and global economies through holistic, intellectually-inspiring language immersion programs.


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