Presidents April Board Report

Thank you to the Hurd (TCS), Balducci (TCS), VanOsteen (TFS), Abotsi-Young (TFS), Martineau (TFS), Strauss (TFS), Schauss (TSS), and Neal (TSS) families for attending our April Board meeting.  Thank you also to the teachers who joined us from TFS: Mme Kari, Mme Danielle, Mme Adeline, Mme Megan, Mme Coumba, M Darren, from TSS: Profesora Angela, Profesora Jessica, Profesora Jessica y Profesora Andrea, from TIS Mme Dissel et Profesora Ho.
The Board heard two in person public comments and two e-mail submitted public comments.  Mme Kari (TFS) shared a petition signed by 58 staff members about staff Letters of Intent for the 2015-16 school year, urging the Board to authorize primary letters for staff engagement as soon as possible.  Martineau (TFS) urged the Board to consider First Things First, when making budget amendments, to prioritize teaching and quality of instruction as the most important decisions worth the trade-offs of some of the other decisions.  Fay (TCS) noted that the new bus routes are too long and risk running even longer in inclement weather, bad traffic.  Sha (TCS) is concerned that the Marine location, while amenable for students and learning, is less attractive than centrally located facilities and may be causing families not to enroll.
The Board approved the Consent Agenda (all items attached).  Due to changes in DESE procedures, SLLIS summer session is changing as well.  Please note that our Session Break has been changed to Friday, May 29th this year.  Please review these documents for additional information:
All families will receive information about our Financial Literacy Summer Session in May.  In addition to approving the slight revision for this school year, the Board also approved a similar adjustment to the 2015-16 calendar.
The Governance Committee shared their responsibilities for Human Capital (recruiting new Board and committee members, performing my annual review) and their upcoming Board self-evaluations.
The Finance Committee briefly discussed the March financials and read the second draft of the 2015-16 budget.  The budget was not up for approval last night.  Later in Executive Session the Board approved an authorization for SLLIS to offer renewal Letters of Intent for 70% of salary costs.  Those staff renewal letters will go out late this week or early next week.  The Board will continue to monitor enrollment to budget and decide on the timing of the second round of salary authorizations at a later date.  The Finance Committee is also recommending new and/or revised policies for internal financial controls to be approved at a later date.
The Academic Excellence Committee reported on the TCS PYP authorization visit.
The Development Committee reported on a need for a transition meeting for Rachel’s upcoming maternity leave.
I reported on our Strategic Plan priorities and compliance updates and our COO provided a status update on operations turn-around.
The next Board of Directors meeting will be held Wednesday, May 27th at 6pm at Papin.

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