SLLIS Board of Directors will meet Wednesday, Aprill 22 at 6pm in the Papin Multi-Purpose Room. The agenda for this meeting is forthcoming.

President’s Notes from the April 2nd Board of Directors Meeting:

On April 2nd, our Board held a very brief public session and an Executive Session.  Thank you to the the Herzberg (TSS), DeMeester (TSS), Balducci (TCS), Dodson (TFS), Martineau (TFS), Dorner (TSS), and Baker (TFS) families for attending.  There were four public comments:
  • Dorner (TSS) requested that the Board consider returning to monthly public meetings and published meetings, shared budget recommendations for staffing (delay CAO, full-time social worker per building, shared nurse, equitable SpEd staffing, if TSS has higher rates of students receiving services, they should have more FTE, TAs and interns especially in larger size classrooms, ELL staff at teach building, AHOS).
  • Baker (TFS) asked what the Board’s role is in governance and concerns that, by changing direct reprots, the Board is becoming more of a management body instead of a governance body as stated in or charter.
  • Herzberg (TSS) echoed concerns about CAO role/institution of direct Board reports and additional concerns that the CAO role is unnecessary and financially irresponsible when parent volunteers are still performing functions of school-based staff.
  • Martineau (TFS) asked if there will be more options for transparency.
There were no other items during Public Session.

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