Faces Around SLLIS – Meet Keri MacArthur

Keri MacArthur joined SLLIS as the Parent Engagement & Retention Coordinator in early 2015.  Her office is located at The Spanish School.

  • Who are you and How did you get to SLLIS?

My name is Keri MacArthur and I found SLLIS in the search for a Kindergarten for our son Mason 4 years ago. Mason is now in the 3rd grade here at SLLIS and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to enroll him here. He really loves school!

  • What drives you to work at a school/serve children?

I would say that my relationship with my son and my involvement being a room parent and SLLIS volunteer is what drives me to work here at the school. Over the past 3 ½  years I have built some great relationships with many of the children, teachers, and staff here at SLLIS that it just makes sense I would end up here. I love this place!

  • If you could have dinner with 5 people (dead or alive) who would they be?

I can think of multiple groups of 5 people I would choose! Some of the dinner tables that come to mind would include the Dalai Lama and Maya Angelou, or film directors and actors such as John Favaro, Spielberg, Edward Norton. There’s also a table of  famous foodies that I would love to chow down and talk shop with, and how about musicians? You’d have to split the music set into genres, because how could you possibly pick just pick 5!? Then there are the people who contribute to peace in our world Like Mother Theresa. I’m telling you the list of dinner guest combinations for me just goes on and on. At this very moment though, if I could have dinner with 5 people dead or alive, I would have to choose, my Dad, my Husband, my Son, Robin Williams, and Will Ferrell, because that would be a seriously great time!!! There would be a lot of love and laughter around that table! I imagine it would be side splitting.

  • In your opinion, what is St. Louis’ best kept secret?

I haven’t been here quite long enough to discover “the best” kept secret I don’t think, but I must say that living in the Washington Avenue  loft district  downtown has proven to be very fun for my family, and not a lot of other families with children aren’t doing it. Being a city girl, it really surprises me.

  • What do you do when you’re not at work?

When I’m not at work I do a lot of cooking! I love to spoil my family and friends with food, so we do a lot of entertaining at Casa MacArthur. It’s all about family, friends, food made from the heart, laughter, and good music. I usually make the biggest meal of the week on our Sunday Family Fun Day, which also includes family game time. Good stuff!

  • Tell us about your favorite vacation.

My favorite vacation was our trip to Spain to visit our “Spanish Family”. My husband lived with a family in Spain for a year as a foreign exchange student in college. Over that year they became so close that we refer to them as our Spanish family and visit one another as often as we can. We began our trip in the Northern part of Spain, in a city called Ovieto where the family home is, and trecked our way across the country to the Cadiz on the Southern coast where the parents have retired. It was all incredible!! The people, places, culture, food was all amazing! We cannot wait to go back! Our 2014 Christmas trip to Disney World  was right up there too. We had so much fun!

  • Any advice for prospective parents?

SLLIS is a cultural immersion. I suggest every parent be prepared to embrace the people and various cultures of the school, because this is  a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s so much more than just a chance  for your children to learn a second language. It’s an opportunity for you yourself to embrace cultures within a community of other parents and families. My advice is to embrace it, and be willing to be part of the experience beyond your child’s education here, and  grow yourself.

  • What are your hopes and dreams for SLLIS?

My hope for SLLIS is that we can continue to strengthen as a community each year throughout all campuses, united. Not as separate schools or a system of, but as one school.


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