A Message from Founder & President Rhonda Broussard

Our vision

Over the past two weeks I have been deeply engaged in listening to the feedback, support, and frustrations of our families and faculty.  Thank you again to everyone who came and shared their points of view at our February Board of Directors meeting, the subsequent building Town Halls, Facebook groups, personal e-mails, notes, and phone calls.  Your voices matter.  As I listened to families, I often heard reference to “my vision” or “SLLIS vision” and was encouraged to hear a parent refer to “our vision.”  As the founder of our school community, I began with the unique position of envisioning these opportunities for my children, for your children, for all of our children.  When I hear the comments of disappointed parents, it is clear to me that their disappointment is so strong because they believe intensely in the SLLIS vision for their children.  I continue to be encouraged and inspired by families who offer help and support our next steps organizationally.  I am clear that every success we have is based in our shared vision and commitment with families and faculty.

Each year in my May ​State of SLLISaddress to our community​, I acknowledge our milestone successes &​ ongoing operations struggles.  Now we have reached a place that requires significant change in order for our organization to continue as we envision.  Our campus consolidation plan, shared at the February Board meeting, is part of that significant change.  This year we invested in rebuilding our operations team to build predictable systems for families and staff.  After Spring Break families will receive updates on food service billing and transportation, two of our chronic operations needs. We’ll continue to send updates about operations support, but you will see the real change in consistent billing and payment processing.  You will also continue to have opportunities for input and thought partnership for school-specific and SLLIS-wide structures.  This year we began that with the work of vetting our academic calendar values via the School Advisory Councils(SAC).  The input that they provided significantly impacted our 2015-16 calendar.  Families and faculty can expect to have routine opportunities like that for input about how we operationalize our values.

Our future

Earlier this week a Board member attended the SAC meeting at TFS and shared, to the surprise of staff and families, his perspective that we should close The International School.  The Board has asked me to prepare an assessment and proposal for our instructional model that is aligned to our campus consolidation plan.  I’ve been working with our Heads of School and our operations team to prepare a series of options for their consideration and strategic decision.  Know that, since July 2006, I wake up every day in service to our children and our long-term vision for who they will be in the world.  My commitment to our children is unwavering.  The team of educators and administrators who work with and deeply care for our children daily are equally committed to long-term outcomes for them.  Together we will advocate for the quality of their current and future learning community.  Many parents have already reached out to Board members individually, and your feedback assists them in understanding the significance of their strategic decision-making.  Upon receiving further direction from our Board, we will begin working with our faculty and families on our action steps.

 Your children and your families matter to us.  I am proud to belong to our community and honored that each of you chooses SLLIS schools for your children.

Looking forward,

Rhonda J. Broussard
Founder, President
St. Louis Language Immersion Schools
4011 Papin Street
St. Louis, MO 63110
O+ 314 533 4059
M+ 314 533 0975


To position all children for success in local and global economies through holistic, intellectually-inspiring language immersion programs.
What I’m reading now: 
Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling



2 responses to “A Message from Founder & President Rhonda Broussard

  1. I may have misread an earlier communicatio that i thought said ther was a decision to keep tis open. I will say that communication and transparency has always been an issue with sllis. It’s a problem with many institutions. I am concerned about the board and who they are answering to. I asked earlier who the stakeholders were and received an extremely vague answer of “it’s the community”. I’ll assume these are people who have donated vast sums of money. Traditionally that’s who a stakeholder is and who a board is most concerned about satisfying. Well, I’m a good old captalist and can see the logic in that, but not at the expense of my sons education. W are moving on so many of the pioneer parents have. I think you deeply Rhonda for your vision and creating an environment where my son was able to grow and get into the school of his choice. I believe your heart is in the right place but maybe the bottom-lone focussed corporate minded folks of the board don’t necessarily have yours or my best interest in mind. Of course that interest would be my two sons, one of which has been there from the beginning. Disappointment is a word that comes up often when talking with parents at tis. Well, I’m sure they have never tried building a school before. I’m not disappointed as much as I am concerned. I hope that your vision can overcome the usual bs that comes with ‘corporate oversight’.


    John Andrew Seitz
    SLLIS pioneer and continuing student parent.

  2. Apparently I need to check my work for grammar and spelling.

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