2015 Campus Consolidation Announcement

Board of Directors Meeting Powerpoint Presentation

Dear SLLIS families and staff,

As a result of stakeholder engagement sessions in 2010, SLLIS identified the long-term need to establish a master campus for all of our students and schools K-12.  Our vision for creating a permanent home was inspired by parent voice and supported more efficient operations for everyone.  Each year SLLIS makes judicious decisions about current space needs and further develops the strategy to establish a master campus.

Our lease on our Pine location expires at the end of this school year and for the next four years, SLLIS will consolidate our schools to two campuses: Papin and Marine.  In July 2015, The French School will consolidate at our Marine campus.  The Spanish School will continue to operate at our Papin campus.  In a commitment to fiscally responsible leadership, SLLIS analyzed all of our facilities cost data to determine the best course of action.  Our highest cost lease is $13.25/sq ft at Pine, our lowest cost lease, $3.10/sq ft is at Marine, which has enough space to accommodate The French School students.   The cost differential in operating each of our current buildings yields a projected annual savings of $448,766 from our campus consolidation.

Why does campus consolidation matter?  Consolidating our campuses from three buildings to two buildings will provide SLLIS with two essential opportunities: 1) saving capital towards our master campus needs and 2) stabilize our operating systems by limiting services to two locations.  As we draft the 2015-16 budget, we will also consider reinvesting some of our savings in high priority concerns like nursing services and traffic support at Papin.   Please join us for Town Hall meetings on your campus to discuss how the campus consolidation will impact your school experience:

  •  Pine: Wednesday, March 4th, 5pm in Auditorium
  • Marine: Thursday, March 5th, 5pm in TIS Library
  • Papin: Thursday, March 12th, 5pm in Profesora Virginia’s Classroom

Looking forward,

Rhonda J. Broussard                                           Vincent C. Schoemehl, Jr.                      Founder & President                                             Interim Board Chair



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