What’s Better Than the App Trivia Crack?

Answer: The I ❤ SLLIS Trivia Night!!

And here’s 5 reasons why:

1.   You get free beer while you play.

2.   There’s an after party to cheer you up when you inevitable miss 1st place by a few crucial points.

3. There are no annoying ads and if you don’t like the answer to a question, forget the “thumbs down”. You can hash it out with our Judges’ Table.

4.   All the money raised benefits SLLIS students – what’s better than having fun for a good cause?

5.   This year, you get to experience the wonders of the South Broadway Athletic Club, located in Soulard and home to the MidWest Wrestling Alliance (Seriously, could the night get any better?)

Obviously you know you must join us!

Regular Tables can be purchased here.

VIP Tables can be purchased here.

If you are interested in Event or Round Sponsorship or to volunteer, please contact rachel.dsouza-siebert@sllis.org or call 314-633-8318.

Trivia Night Registration Form



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