It’s a New Year – Time to Join ATLAS!

Welcome to our newest ATLAS Monthly Giving Club Members:

Genevieve & Jeff Barlow

Oliver & Astrid Block

Kathy Brock

Christa Braun

David & Sharon Browning

Becca & Carlos Castenada

Dawn & Tony Faw

Brian & Molly Koebbe

Michael Kupka & Sarah Halpin

Sara & Rob Johnson

Keri & Jameson MacArthur

Julie Piatchek & Shane Nelson

Shannon & William Oberkrom

Natalia Rosales & Samuel DiLorenzo

Anna Waeltermann & Sean Wells

Why Join ATLAS?

By signing up to make a monthly donation, you help SLLIS build sustainability & ensure that, while the timing/amount of public funding can be uncertain, SLLIS students have access to all necessary resources year-round.

 You become part of a very special group of SLLIS supporters who strengthen the foundation of our school to provide our students with an exceptional immersion language curriculum

You contribute to SLLIS’ execution of its strategic plan and reduce fundraising costs – fewer expenses = more fund diverted towards students & programs!

AND – Once you join ATLAS (by going online), you’re done! Well, not really -we do send you a nifty gift for joining 🙂

Consider joining ATLAS today to help us Uphold Our World.


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