TJ’S Pizza sales begin TODAY at The Spanish School

It’s T.J.’s Pizza Time At The Spanish School!!!!


Dear Students and Parents,

It’s T.J.’s Pizza time again at The Spanish School! This has been a very successful fundraiser for the school in previous years. The pizzas you will be selling are T.J.’s “St. Louis Style”, “Thick Crust”, and “Gourmet Pizzas”.  These products are assembled using only the finest ingredients. Real cheese, fresh meat and fresh vegetables and are part of T.J.’s commitment to quality.  T.J.’s is a USDA inspected plant. The pizzas are 12” in diameter and will be delivered to you fully assembled and fresh frozen.  The desserts you will be selling are served at many of the area’s finest restaurants.


Official Start Date:                                    FRIDAY, JANUARY 9TH

Deadline to Return Sales Sheets:        FRIDAY, JANUARY 23rd

Delivery/Food Pick-up:              FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13   from 12:00pm-2:00pm                                                                  (Parent/Teacher Conference Day)

*Please make arrangements to pick up your order during this time. The products will be frozen and we do not have any freezer space available for storage!


  • Only orders received by the due date will be eligible for the prize drawings.
  • Please make sure your child’s name and your phone number is on both order forms.
  • Full payment must be turned in with your forms.
  • Your check or money order should be made out to SLLIS with TSS-Pizza on the memo line.

                      *No Cash Please!

 If you have any questions during the sale, please contact Melanie DeMeester (Evan 5A, Ayden 3C, Tahmya 2D and Ella KC) at 636-236-5345 or



With every 5 items sold, your child’s name will be entered into 2 drawings to win an Amazon Kindle and a brand new bike!


Other prizes include:

Items Sold                                        Prize

10                                            1 free pizza (Triple Cheese, Bacon Dbl, or Pepperoni)

20                                           1 free pizza and 1 free cookie dough (Chocolate Chunk, or                                                  Oatmeal Cranberry)

30                                           2 free pizzas and 1 free cookie dough

40                                           2 free pizzas, 1 free cookie dough & 1 free Dutch Apple Pie

50                                           Repeat! (40+10 etc.)

 *Please list your free product choices on the back of your sales brochures. If you do not choose, we will default to the underlined item(s) listed above.


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