Notes from the December Board of Directors Meeting

Thank you to the Dorner/Meyer (TSS), Dodson (TFS), and Carter/Dramain (TFS) families for joining us on the Board of Directors meeting via conference call this morning.  There were no public comments.
The December meeting is typically brief and this year was no exception.  The Board approved the updates to our Seclusion and Restraint policy via the consent agenda.  Our independent auditor from Daniel Jones presented the results of our annual financial audit.  SLLIS received an unmodified opinion, the highest opinion possible.  Attached please find our 2013-14 audit and management letter.
The Board discussed the UMSL annual review from 2013-14 and acknowledged that they will spend the spring semester composing a full response to UMSL by April 2015.  The Governance Committee spent considerable time reviewing the recommendations and will align the Board response to our strategic operating plans.
The Finance Committee presented the December budget amendment and explained the budget process.  The Board approves the first budget projection in June and submits budget amendments throughout the school year (often December and April) to adjust our projections with our actuals for both revenue (decrease in enrollment, increase in fundraising revenue to reflect grants received from CSP and Monsanto) and expenditures (increased needs for Special Education staffing, Highly Qualified Teacher salary increases, real costs of operating third campus (facilities, transportation)).  Attached please find the budget amendment overview and the December amendment.
We have several transitions in our Board composition that were acknowledged or voted on during this meetings.  We are thankful for the service of founding Board member Marti Cortez who resigned this fall after seven years of heavy lifting and community championship for our mission.  We are equally appreciative of the Board leadership and chair investment from Steve Sanchez.  Steve presided over his final Board meeting and will step down from the Board but remain on the Academic Excellence committee.  The Board voted to appoint Vince Schoemehl as interim Board Chair effective January 1st and David Luckes as Vice Chair.
Our next Board meeting will be held in person, Wednesday, February 25th at 6pm at our Papin campus.  We look forward to seeing everyone in the new year.
Have a wonderful winter break!

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