Tomorrow is #ProofPointDay – Wear Green 5/30!!

Imagine a day where hundreds of thousands of Americans who are first generation college graduates (FG’s) or future (FG’s) and are walking the streets, boarding buses and subways or driving to work or class wearing green to serve as vocal and visible #proofpoints for the thousands of kids who have yet to begin the journey and for the thousands that are on the journey and may feel alone. Seeing yourself in someone is very powerful and can change the way a child and their family dreams.

“My father was the first generation in our family to graduate from college.  I still remember going to his ceremony at the Blackham Coliseum and taking him out to dinner later.  He studied business administration and we gave him a beautiful leather briefcase with a customized nameplate as his gift.  Throughout elementary school I took courses at the university during the summer session and my dad would take me to the student union to play pinball in between classes, just like he used to do.  My father’s college attainment meant that I was always thinking about where I would go to college (granted my early choices were all based on NCAA basketball teams).   This has also meant that my elementary-school aged children assume that college is a normal part of their education.  As a career educator, I know how powerful visibility and messaging is for our students to envision a different future for themselves.” – Rhonda Broussard, Founder & President

The #ProofPointDay campaign is a national, month-long initiative to celebrate and raise awareness of first-generation college graduates.

The campaign will culminate on Friday, May 30, with hundreds of thousands of first-generation college graduates and allies wearing green to serve as vocal and visible proofpoints – and to influence the way kids and their families dream about the future.



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Wear green on Friday, May 30


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