Q&A with Lauren Young, Data & Assessment Coordinator

Why do you work in education?
It’s no secret that from a young age, children absorb the language, behavior, and cultural norms around them. Working in education allows us as adults in a child’s community to create an environment in which children define “normal” through inquiry, inclusion, and international mindedness.
What is your favorite SLLIS event?
Immersion Celebrations are the winners by a long shot! Working outside if the classrooms everyday, it’s a wonderful opportunity to witness a student’s new language in action.
If you could have dinner with 5 people (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Barbara Walters (I always dreamed I would be a journalist, interviewing the world’s leaders); Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack Obama, both for their ability to motivate the masses toward change; Marcus Samuelsson and Stevie Wonder (can’t think of better food or entertainment!)
Tell us about your favorite vacation.
Greece! I haven’t been anywhere else that matches the beauty, history, and art – But, I hope to someday!

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