April is National Volunteer Month- How will you get involved?

April 1st is not only April Fools’ Day; it is also the first day of National Volunteer Month.

Volunteers are very important to our success. There are many people in our community who donate their time to helping our teachers, staff, and most importantly, our students. To all those who volunteer, we thank you!

If you are looking to get involved, please contact your child’s Head of School to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities. We love when people volunteer their time to SLLIS, however, there are plenty of other great organizations in our community that could also benefit from volunteers. So this April get involved!

Here are what a few parents had to say about volunteering at SLLIS:

”An active, thoughtful, caring administration and staff (like we have) can build a really good school.  To make it great parents have to get involved.” – Lisa D’ Souza

“As a parent representative on TCS School Advisory Council, I spend a great deal of time either serving as an ambassador for the school, or thinking about ways we, as parents, can improve the student experience.” – Amy Trapp

“Whenever I spend time at school, whether it is reading to a child, teaching a skill, sharing an experience or helping at an event, I feel privileged to be an active participant in the children’s learning experience.” – Maria Grazia Cappiello


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