Q&A with Head of French School Conrad Wildsmith

Below is the Q&A session with Head of French School Conrad Wildsmith.  Stay tuned for the Q&A session with Director of Development Rachel D’Souza-Siebert.Who are you and how did you get to SLLIS?

I am Conrad Wildsmith, the Head of the French School.  I am a true Inquirer who thrives on challenges, puzzles, and putting things together.  I found SLLIS because I was deep into the complex challenges that Charter Schools face. I was looking for solutions to the problem of Charter Schools being run by large, non-local management organizations and learned about Rhonda and her vision for SLLIS through a conversation at the Mayor’s Office.  From our first chat on the telephone, I knew that Rhonda’s passion and vision matched my own and I eagerly joined the small founding team.
How does it feel to reflect on the last five years?
Reflecting on the past energizes and motivates me for the future.  We have accomplished a lot in five years. For me, the past is a foundation of experience, that galvanizes my desire to serve our children.  We are in a position to do great things for our community and I am thrilled by our schools’ commitment to improve.
What dod you do when you are not at SLLIS?
I am a husband and a dad first.  I run almost every day, travel and spend time with my incredible family.
What is your favorite meal?
I love to eat! Any meal that I allows me to spend time with my wife Kristen is great. We both thoroughly enjoy exploring the diversity of the St. Louis restaurant scene.  So, whether its a hotdog at a Cardinals’s game, or several courses at  Brasserie, if the company is good, I am satisfied.
What are your hopes and dreams for TFS?
I want The French School to transform our children’s lives by inspiring and preparing them to take risks, confront issues, appreciate beauty, value differences and connect to a bright global future.



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