Uphold Our World: Join our ATLAS Monthly Giving Program

Did you enjoy the last two days? Do you find yourself itching for Spring Break (which, don’t worry, is safe from the wrath of make-up inclement weather days!) Are you sad that Wednesday is full of clouds and blustery wind? Well, just remember – when you do something good, you feel good.  Why not consider joining our ATLAS Monthly Giving Program? ATLAS is a convenient way to provide charitable support to SLLIS every month. Just ask our newest members –

Ms. Daria Cullen
Ms. Rochelle Dixon
Mr. Zach Clark
Ms. Allynson Ford
Ms. Sara Figueroa
The Winright Family

Monthly giving provides a steady and cost-effective source of funding to St. Louis Language Immersion Schools. And because your monthly donation is processed automatically, you help us reduce our fundraising costs AND save paper—which means more money supports our students, programs and growth.

As an online monthly donor, you will be registering to make a credit card donation every month. After you make your initial donation, future donations will be charged every month to your credit card. After your initial donation, you will receive an email message from our Director of Development confirming your membership. For example, if you choose to make an ATLAS donation of $50 today, your next donation of $50 will be automatically charged to your account in exactly one month to the day, and each subsequent month thereafter. You will receive semi-annual giving statements in January & June. As one ATLAS member states:

“We listened to Rhonda say that the cost of one annual bus route is more than the annual salary of one lead teacher. We understood that this circumstance wasn’t going to change anytime soon – and we knew we had to do something.  Giving monthly is our way of supporting our daughters’ school.” – TFS Family

Consider joining ATLAS today!


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