SLLIS Charter Renewed Another 5 Years

On Tuesday, during the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Board of Directors meeting, it was announced that SLLIS’ charter status is renewed.

Below is Steve Sanchez, SLLIS’ Board Chair, announcement letter. Here is a link to our charter renewal application and related appendices. We are very thankful for our strong community that has helped to make our charter renewal possible. This school year has been full of milestones, we look forward to more achievements in the coming weeks, months, and years.

SLLIS’ Charter Renewed

February 18, 2014

Congratulations  to  everyone  in  the  SLLIS  community!  Today,  the  Missouri  State  Board  of  Education   formally  approved  the  St.  Louis  Language  Immersion  Schools’  charter  renewal  application  for  the  next   five  years.  The  approval  caps  a  year-­‐‑long  effort  to  draft  and  revise  SLLIS’  new  charter.  As  part  of  a   formal  contract  between  the  SLLIS  Board  and  our  sponsor,  the  University  of  Missouri-­‐‑St.  Louis,  the  new   charter  will  be  our  governing  agreement  through  2019.

The  State  Department  of  Education  recommended  that  the  State  Board  approve  the  application  based  on   our  successes  thus  far,  and  the  indicators  for  increased  success  in  the  future.    By  their  approval,  the  State   Board  recognized  how  far  the  SLLIS  community  has  moved  toward  achieving  our  shared  educational   vision.    We  have  much  more  to  do  to  fully  realize  that  vision  –  but  today  we  give  thanks  for  those  who,  in   SLLIS’  first  five  years,  have  given  so  much  of  themselves  for  SLLIS’  students  and  the  development  of  the   organization  as  a  whole.

So  many  people  and  organizations  are  responsible  for  the  success  of  this  effort.    We’re  especially  proud  of   the  work  of  SLLIS’  Charter  Renewal  Committee,  a  dedicated  group  of  parents,  staff  and  faculty  who  were   involved  in  the  drafting  from  the  start  of  the  process  in  January  2013.      But  everyone  in  the  community   has  had  a  role  in  making  SLLIS  what  it  is  today,  and  what  it  can  be  for  the  future.      Each  parent  or  family   member,  by  supporting  a  SLLIS  student,  has  been  responsible  for  a  part  of  our  success.    Each  teacher,   each  staff  member,  each  volunteer  –  you  all  have  played  critical  parts  in  the  SLLIS  story,  and  therefore   critical  parts  in  our  charter  renewal  initiative.

I  also  wish  to  recognize  the  efforts  of  Dr.  Carole  Basille,  Dean  of  UMSL’s  College  of  Education,  and  Bill   Mendelsohn,  UMSL’s  Director  of  Charter  Schools  and  Partnerships.    UMSL’s  support  and  guidance   throughout  this  process  was  vital.

Finally,  special  thanks  are  in  order  for  SLLIS  President  Rhonda  Broussard,  who  shepherded  the  work  of   the  Charter  Renewal  Committee  and  served  as  the  most  critical  editor  of  her  own  work  in  the  charter   drafting  process.    This  project  consumed  much  of  Rhonda’s  time  throughout  the  past  year,  and  SLLIS   could  not  have  reached  this  milestone  without  her  vision,  commitment,  and  leadership.

On  behalf  of  the  SLLIS  Board  of  Directors,  I  again  offer  to  the  entire  SLLIS  community  our  most  heartfelt   thanks  for  your  commitment  to  SLLIS.    Via  two  major  accomplishments  this  year  -­‐ our  charter’s  renewal   today,  and  the  recent  authorization  of  The  French  School  and  The  Spanish  School  as  International   Baccalaureate  World  Schools  -­‐ that  commitment  has  been  recognized  and  appropriately  rewarded.

Steven  J.  Sanchez   Chair,  Board  of  Directors


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