TCS New Year Celebration + Q&A Session with Lydia Chen

TCS New Year Celebration has been rescheduled for February 8th at 4:15 p.m. at the Papin location. There will be a buffet dinner and a dancing dragon! Everyone in the SLLIS community is welcome to join. Please fill out the registration form and return it to TCS. For more details view the flyer.

The next participant for the Q&A session is Chinese Head of School Lydia Chen. Read her l

What is your favorite thing about working at SLLIS?
This is my second year as the Chinese Head of School. The longer I work here, the more I love it. There are many things about SLLIS that I could consider as favorites. To save space, I’ll just highlight a few:

  • I really appreciate SLLIS’ team spirit. In TCS we all work closely together. But even at an administrative level there is so much support and unity. Knowing that TCS is never alone is a great comfort. We all support each other in order to make the SLLIS dream come true!
  • All of SLLIS’ staff is linguistic, talented, creative and open-minded. People are always open to new ideas and ready to listen to what someone has to say, even ideas that might seem “crazy”. Once I joked with my husband that my English won’t improve by working at SLLIS because everybody understands me so well no matter how off my pronunciation is. J
  • I greatly appreciate the diversity of SLLIS. The SLLIS community accepts and respects differences. Diversity is the root of greatness, right?

What do you enjoy about sharing Chinese culture with SLLIS students?
I love seeing the look of excitement on the kids’ faces and being apart of their eagerness to learn more. If you’ve ever read a bedtime story to a child, you know the look.

Why are you passionate about education?
For gardeners, the sighting of growing plants brings a lot of joy. Growth is a sign that all the hard work has paid off. While I don’t have a green thumb in the garden, I see my role as growing our children into responsible, passionate adults. I work hard to make sure the students get everything they need to grow into strong adults both mentally and physically.

What is your vision for The Chinese School?
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have Dream Speech” has inspired generations and continues to leave an impact on the young and old today. SLLIS is honored to have the trust and confidence of so many parents. The dreams and ambitions for the students are very important to us. We also have a dream for students. It is a dream for success in the local and global economies, as well as the multicultural society. To reach this dream, TCS educates children in hope of them becoming responsible, respectful and caring global citizens who are bilingual and bi-literate in Chinese and English through a holistic, intellectually inspiring Chinese language immersion program. We strive to build a positive school environment, which values children’s strengths and appreciates their differences. In addition, I dream of a school that promotes critical thinking, intercultural understanding, respect and fosters a life long learner with joyful learning experiences.

What do you like to do when you’re not at SLLIS?
When I’m not a ‘Head of School’ at SLLIS,  I’m a wife and妈妈 (‘mother’ in Chinese) to two teenagers. Cooking and searching for new recipes are pleasures of mine. I’m always looking for new ways to be creative. Whether it’s watching a movie or TV, cooking or listening to music, it’s the simple moments like laughing around a table with my family that brings a big smile to my face.




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