Join our Go For a Cause Team or Read, Right, Run Marathon

What: GO! St. Louis is a local non-profit organization that encourages the St. Louis region to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Through community collaborations, school based programs and fun fitness events, GO St. Louis has been successful in creating new ways to keep people active all year round. In April, GO! St. Louis hosts a series of race events, including a marathon, half marathon, marathon relay, and 5K.When: Go! St. Louis events will be April 5th and 6th.

Why: Not only is this a great opportunity to promote healthy living, but for fundraising, too. This year all three of our schools will be participating in Go! for a Cause. Last year The French School participated and managed to raise $7,000 dollars. Now, each school has the opportunity to the same!

Who: The SLLIS community. Register through your school.

How: There are three steps to raising funds for your school (TFS, TSS or TCS): (1) recruiting participants; (2) signing up for one of the Go! St. Louis events; and (3) creating a personal donation page on Crowd Rise.

1. Recruiting
The first step is to recruit participants.  Ask your co-workers, friends and family. The more participants, the more fun!

If you recruit people for the individual events, they can register on their own.  If you recruit people for the relay events, either form your own teams, or we can also form teams through a pool of participants once we know who is interested.

2. Registering for an Event
Registration is fairly simply for the individual events, but for the relay, one person has to input all of the team members’ information through the online registration.

Here are the instructions:
The website is
Scroll over Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend; Click on one of the events (Marathon, Half Marathon, relay, or 5k walk/run)

Follow prompts- SLLIS is a “charity partner”

When asked, input your school charity code: TFSGO14, TCSGO14 or TSSGO14

3. Making a personal donation page on CrowdRise
After registering, participants can create a donation page on CrowdRise. Ask friends and family to support you in the race by donating to SLLIS. 100% of all donations made via CrowdRise will go directly to SLLIS (Registration fee goes to Go STL). Once you have collected all of your donations, give them to SLLIS and make your supporters proud by competing!

Here are the CrowdRise link for TFS.
Here is the CrowdRise link for TCS.
Here is the CrowdRise link for TSS.

B. Read, Right, Run
We are hoping to have 100% participation for this year’s Read, Right and Run Marathon.  Over the course of this program, each student will Read 26 books, do 26 Good Deeds, and Run 26 miles throughout the spring.  The entire school will run the final mile together in Forest Park on April 5, 2014.

There are two ways to register for the event.
Option 1: Register Online.
1. Go to :
2. Click on “Register Now”
3. Enter your email address; select, “I am a new user;” click “sign in.”
4. Fill out the required information
5. Enter your school’s ACCESS CODE: RRR244
6. Click “Register”
7. Accept the terms/waiver of liability
8. Select your child’s grade level
9. Click “Add Another Person” or “Complete Registration”
10.Send the $15 registration fee directly to the school (children who qualify for free or reduced lunch may register for $6).

Option 2—Paper registration Form.
1. This form went out to school in everyone’s backpacks.
2. Complete the form and return it to school.
3. Send the $15 registration fee directly to the school (children who qualify for free or reduced lunch may register for $6)


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