End of Year Letter from President & Founder Rhonda Broussard

Greeting SLLIS community,

As we close out 2013, I am delighted to share great news with our entire community.  Today we received the official communication from International Baccalaureate that both The French School and The Spanish School have been authorized as IB World Schools!  This validation is a testament to the hard work that all of our staff, students, and families have committed over the past five years.  Congratulations to all of you for bringing a new lens to education and founding St. Louis’ first internationally-recognized schools.  Feliciations et Felicidades!

Today we have also reached another milestone: we sent our charter renewal application to DESE for their consideration.  We will appear before the State Board of Education in February to continue our charter school journey.  Thank you to the administrators, teachers and parents who supported our charter renewal application review committee.

This semester we have made amazing progress on two important decisions: selecting the founding Head of School for The International School and selecting our master campus location.  I had hoped to give our community all three pieces of good news together.  We are in the final negotiations with our top Head of School candidate.  I look forward to introducing the community to him in January.  Thank you to all of the families, students and staff who have supported our interview process and provided judicious feedback on our finalists.  We still have several key meetings to hold in January and February regarding our campus options. Rest assured that all of our plans include short-term contingency options and we will be able to announce short and long-term plans together for all campus locations.

I leave you with a brief look back at our community in 2013: http://youtu.be/5UHetTZmHI8

Together, we are changing St. Louis forever.

Paix, amour, santé, et bonheur en 2014,

One response to “End of Year Letter from President & Founder Rhonda Broussard

  1. Thank you Rhonda for working so hard for this. Thank you to everyone at SLIIS for the honor you bestow on St. Louis

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