New TCS Parent Pickup Dismissal Procedures

New TCS Parent Pickup Dismissal Procedures
Time- 3:20-3:40Pm at Each Home Room

TCS is going to have a new parent pickup procedure effective on Sep. 17th.  Instead of picking up their child at the cafeteria, parents are going to pick up their child at their primary homeroom.  The benefit of the new TCS Parent Pickup dismissal procedure is to reduce transitions, minimize waiting time, increase safety, and promote parent-teacher interaction.

1)    Parents will park their car in the parking lot by the Sara St. and Papin St. This will help to reduce the Papin St. traffic and enhance the safety of the street while buses is loading the bus riders.

2)    Parents will enter the Lobby side door, which directly leads parents to the TCS stair way and then go to their child’s classroom.

3)    Parents still need to sign off their child on the sign off sheet.

4)  When the bus takes more time to load students due to the weather condition, TCS pick up parents need to wait outside the entrance door until all the bus riders are loaded.

Thanks for your support.


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