Need Volunteers for Activity Zone

SLLIS  has another fun opportunity for you to earn some volunteer hours!

SLLIS is joining Space LLC (Amy Huff, TFS parent & Architect) in a joint venture with a kid’s activity zone on the parking lot of their business during Grove Fest. The address is 4168 Manchester Ave. 63110. The Festival is Saturday, October 5th from 2pm – 11pm.

Sara Asmus, our Mosaic Director, is organizing the activities, but they need helpers!

Sara has broken the afternoon into the following shifts:

12:30-2:00-Set up (2-3 volunteers)
2:00-4:00- Work at stations (6-8 volunteers)
4:00-6:00- Work at stations (6-8 volunteers)
6:00-7:00-Clean Up (2-3 volunteers)

The stations will be similar to Festival of Nations, where there is a  craft for each language group that is taught at SLLIS.  There will be a family obstacle course set up in the back parking lot. Volunteers will either be assisting with arts and crafts or the obstacle course for the shifts between 2 and 6, or set up and clean up.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact  Anne Carr (

Thanks for helping!


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