First TSS School Advisory Council Meeting

Dear Families,

On August 29th, from 6 – 7:15 pm, our school’s School Advisory Council (SAC) will hold its first meeting of this school year. As a parent or guardian, you are an important part of the Spanish School community, and we want to know your opinions about our school and its plans for the future. We hope you will consider attending our SAC meetings.

The SAC is a team of people that represents various segments of the community: parents, teachers, students, administrators, support staff, and other interested community members. They meet to discuss our school’s academic plan and progress and help create goals for the school.

The primary function of the SAC is to protect and nurture the mission and vision of the school in the implementation of every aspect of the charter.

The SAC will neither have authority to dictate policies of the school nor issue directives. It is designed to give parents a voice in the operations of the school. Its function is to provide advice to the school leadership, surface concerns from parents and communicate with and mobilize the larger school community. The SAC may also provide leadership and fundraising for the school, but this will not be its primary function. The SAC brings teachers and parents together to assist the Head of School in school-specific efforts, such as parent engagement, student enrichment and culture.

Who is part of the TSS SAC?

The SAC will consist of equal numbers of parents elected by parents, teachers elected by teachers and community/business leaders appointed by the Council. For example, 3 parents=3 teachers

Elected and appointed members of the School Advisory Council will serve one-, two- and three-year terms. The SAC may elect officers and create working committees. The Head of School (HOS) is the Chair of the Council.

SAC officers for the 2013-2014 school year are:

  • Teachers: Angela Cuartas (Kindergarten), Laura Thompson (3rd grade), and Zona Ho (3rd grade)
  • Parents: Susan Herzberg (2nd grade parent), Karla Reyes (1st grade parent), and Chip Meyer (4th and 1stt  grade parent)
  • Admin: Maribel Martinez (AHOS), and Arlene Galve (HOS).

We want to thank Jill Meyer, ELL teacher, who was a SAC officer from 2011-2013.

Parents and families are the heart of the education process.  Together, we can provide a positive educational experience for every student.

See you then!


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