New Music Immersion Program

The Music Immersion Program is a mostly afterschool music program which will offer violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar, and vocal technique lessons at SLLIS. The Music Immersion Program will have a table set up for sign-ups on Thursday August 8th (intake conferences day) from 10am-3pm at both locations.

This is a private music program, offering quality music training in collaboration with SLLIS. We are organizing, unifying, and expanding our previous private lessons’ program. The strings’ program will be taught by certified Suzuki Method teachers. Learn more about the Suzuki philosophy here.

Strings (violin, viola and cello) tuition will include 16 – 30 or 45 minute lesson per semester (depending on your choice) + 10 group classes + 6 free parent classes for beginning students in violin and viola. Piano and/or guitar tuition includes 16 – 30 minute private lesson per semester. Vocal Technique tuition includes 16 – 30 minute private lesson per semester + biweekly group classes . For applications for each instrument/skill, click on the desired instrument/skill name above.

Applications should be completed and mailed in by August 8th (see mailing address in the application). If you have additional questions about the program, please contact the program director, Mariana Wood at or see the information sheets here.


One response to “New Music Immersion Program

  1. It would be great to have a SLLIS orchestra for all the music students to participate in after school.

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