Parents’ Assembly – Vote for dissolution

A message from the Parents’ Assembly Secretary:

The Board of the PA met on Sunday, May 19, 2013 to discuss our various options. The SACs are now in place, and it would be redundant to have a parallel organization performing essentially the same functions. Therefore, we have proposed dissolution of the PA. Under the PA’s bylaws, we need a vote from the members in order to dissolve.

Based on 750 SLLIS families, we will need 375 votes for dissolution.

Once the ballots are collected, assuming we reach 375 votes (1/2 of the PA members) we will apply to the state for dissolution. Once that is approved, we will be able to disburse the funds we have raised as outlined in the ballot.

To vote, fill and return the ballot at the PA mailbox in Pine or at the front desk at Papin.


5 responses to “Parents’ Assembly – Vote for dissolution

  1. Is this TSS and TFS specific? It is written as “SLLIS” and “location”, but the PA was before our time, so does that mean that TCS doesn’t need to worry about voting, etc? And I am assuming the money is for TFS and TSS only? Please clarify.

    • TCS parents are also able to vote, since they are automatically members of the PA as SLLIS parents.

      Since the fundraising was done prior to the inception of TCS, the funds are primarily dedicated to TSS and TFS, however since TCS shares facility with the other schools PA suspects that they too will benefit from the technological enhancements.

  2. Gary Gottlieb

    Just to be clear, parents from all three schools are encouraged to vote.

  3. Why does the PA need to be dissolved in order to give the schools the money raised anyway? Why was the PA never able to distribute funds it raised to the school in the first place?

  4. Gary Gottlieb

    The PA distributed funds for many worthy causes throughout the time it was active. As explained, the dissolution is due to the inception of the SACS. As per the PA by-laws, the last of the funds will be disbursed once dissolution is approved by the state. Faith, if you are interested in these funds becoming available for students and teachers you should encourage all parents to vote for dissolution.

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