Judges needed this Staurday at the StackFest!

Lisa Berman, our sport-stacking and Club SLLIS coordinator extraordinaire, needs 10-14 more judges for this Saturday’s St. Louis Open Summer Fun StackFest!

To become a judge, you have to watch a 30 minute video, meet with Lisa one evening this week (you pick) for 45 minutes to make sure you understand the rules of  sport stacking and the information in the video and watch kids stack for 6 hours on Saturday at Concordia Turner gym. (9 am – 4 pm with a break for lunch, which is free for judges).

There will be about 50 stackers coming from 6 states coming to the tournament and they need to be judged in a variety of events. State, national or even world records have been broken at events like this!

If you can spare the time or know of any trustworthy person, age 15 and up, who you think can handle this responsibility, then please send them this information. High school students, college students home for the summer, or even you! Please have anyone who is interested get in touch with Lisa at lisaberman@rocketmail.com or at 314-398-6839.

If you’re thinking about it, this’ll get you started. Go to this link and click on judging video. The password is wssa11. Check it out and see if it’s something you’d like to help with. http://www.thewssa.com/rules/judging/training/


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