Second Annual Raz-Kids Field Trip at the Maryland Height Aquaport

The time has come for all the Raz-kids participants to enjoy their reward for his/her hard work of reading at Raz-kids. Sixty eight students who accomplished the requirements will be going to the Maryland Heights Aquaport on Thursday, May 30th. Those children received a field trip permission for parents to fill out. The ticket for each child is $6.00. We are also requesting volunteers. Let Giovana know if you are interested by contacting her at


2 responses to “Second Annual Raz-Kids Field Trip at the Maryland Height Aquaport

  1. Would it be too much to suggest that all SLLIS kids be able to participate in learning from RAZ KIDS. My Godchildren were in Spanish school but now at public school same age as my child and their reading improved so much with RAZ kids. My son who is in French school in the 1st grade and he can’t even read. I am not a teacher I am a mom who is embarrassed, ashamed at seven he can’t read. When I was seven public school taught fundamentals. If this school is not focused on something that simple Raz Kids will help all kids with reading. Not to mention Raz kids in English.

    • Thank you for your feedback. Our team at TFS is constantly looking for ways to improve the curricular experience of our students. As French is the language spoken 100% of the day in grades K-2, we do understand that our students may appear behind in English reading when compared to their peers in other schools. We do plan to expand Raz Kids in FY14. We encourage you to contact your child’s classroom teacher, as well as Conrad ( or Louise (, to explore your ideas and determine the best solution for your child.

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