Feast of Nations – April 2, 2013 & announcing SLLIS’ partnership at the Festival of Nations

feast of nations

Join the International Institute & their partners at this year’s Feast of Nations on April 2, 2013 from 6 – 8 pm. Dine out at any of the following restaurants to participate:

Visit http://www.iistl.org/feastofnations.html for more information about the Feast of Nations.

Also, you cannot miss this year’s Festival of Nations on Saturday, August 24th – Sunday, August 25th at Tower Grove Park. SLLIS is excited to announce our sponsorship of the Youth Programming, found every year at the Children’s Area at the Festival! This will be an awesome opportunity for families to fulfill volunteer expectations and contribute to one of the biggest international festivals in the nation.

We are in the process of selecting 5 youth crafts/projects that festival-goers can complete on-site. We will have one French, Spanish, Chinese craft and the other two countries/cultures/language groups represented are still to be determined. Be on the lookout for a showcase of trial crafts in April that our SLLIS students will create and test out!

See you at the Feast & the Festival!


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