St. Louis Open Seussational Sport Stacking Tournament

Come compete or cheer on SLLIS stackers at the next St. Louis tournament at Concordia Gymnastic Society on Saturday, March 2nd. The registration form for competitors is available by going to this link. Our tournaments are “open” which means anyone in the country can compete. In the past we have had stackers come in to town from 5 or more states, such as Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Texas.  Spectators are always welcome.

Be a Celebrity Judge!

For this tournament, schools and organizations in St. Louis will have their own judging station showing that organization’s support of the tournament. I’m looking for judges for SLLIS’s judging station. If volunteers from SLLIS (can be staff, parents or other SLLIS relatives age 16 and up) staff a judging station, then SLLIS will be listed as a sponsor and have information available to the 100+ attendees on our information table. Also, if you have an older teen who needs to put in some community service hours before the end of the school year, this is a lot of fun and provides a great service.

Judges need to know how to do the three competition stacks (training provided), watch a 30 minute video online, attend training the night before the competition (6:00-8:00) and then commit to judge the day of the competition from 9:00 until 5:00. Judges will receive breakfast, lunch and snacks plus a thank you gift and my unending gratitude! The success of any tournament depends on the volunteers, especially judges. To volunteer to donate an item for concessions, work a shift or become a judge, go to this link:

Be a Tournament Sponsor

Anyone can be a tournament sponsor. There are two levels:

$100 Awards Sponsor-Your family or company name announced with every award!

$25 General Sponsor-Your family or company name posted around the tournament.

For questions or more information, please contact Lisa Berman, or call 314-398-6839.


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