2012 SLLIS Annual Appeal

This fall, St. Louis Language Immersion Schools (SLLIS) welcomed new families
to the inaugural year of The Chinese School–the third elementary school in our
network of language immersion programs. At once, we are reminded of how much we’ve grown and learned in four years and of how much work lies ahead.

Four years into our journey, we are happy to share what we’ve known for some
time – language immersion education works. Each year, evidence of this becomes
more and more apparent in the places where we least expect it.

Consider these snapshots of our community:

  • While on vacation, a 2nd grader carries on a fluent and lively conversation with Spanish speaking locals
  • During the car ride home, a kindergarten student corrects the Mandarin grammar of his grandfather, who once lived abroad in Asia
  • Once struggling to read on grade level, a 4th grade student now enjoys chapter books in English and French

These students came to SLLIS from varying walks of life, beliefs and expectations. The vision that all SLLIS students will be successful wherever they go is what unites our community and provides a clear picture of the results of an internationally- minded education.

We hope you will that you will give generously to the students at St. Louis
Language Immersion Schools. Your gift offers the support and opportunities
they need to shape our world. You help open the door of possibility for all
SLLIS students.

To make a donation, please visit www.sllis.org/donate or contact Rachel.dsouza-siebert@sllis.org.

Wishing you the best this holiday season,



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