TFS December 2012 SAC Agenda

December 11, 2012 SAC Agenda


I.                    Conrad’s Greeting (5 min)

II.                  Group Updates: (15)

          Playground Committee Update (Lizz Brown, Nick Mason)

          Community Involvement Committee (Zach Clark)

IV. Board of Director’s response to October parent concerns (15 minutes)

§ Policies and practices governing incoming student placement based on language proficiency levels (fidelity to language immersion philosophy)

§ Behavior management policies and practices (classroom-based and school-wide; consistency in implementation)

§ Staffing levels (teachers, aides and administrative support)

§ Teacher training, professional development, and ongoing support (new and continuing teachers)

§ Complaint procedures (process issues, resolution timelines, documentation, timely and coordinated communication with parents)

§ School culture and fidelity to International Baccalaureate standards

§ School-parent and parent-parent communications

V.  Public Comments  (10 min)

If you would like to add an item to next month’s SAC meeting agenda, please email


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