A note on SLLIS’ Enrollment Policy

In the course of your evening, you may see SLLIS featured on the local news in regards to our enrollment policy and the St. Louis Student Transfer Program.

The St. Louis Student Transfer Program was established to increase racial integration in metropolitan area public schools under a Settlement Agreement reached in the St. Louis desegregation case and approved by the Federal Court in 1983. This Settlement Agreement allows African-American students residing in the City of St. Louis to attend one of several participating school districts in St. Louis County, provided certain eligibility requirements regarding residency and behavior records are met. The program also provides for non-African-American students who live in participating suburban school districts to transfer into St. Louis Magnet Schools in the city.

Originally under the supervision of the Federal Courts, the St. Louis Student Transfer program is now managed by a non-profit corporation (VICC), governed by a board of directors comprised of superintendents of the participating school districts who decide policy and make decisions about the program in accordance with the provisions of the governing Settlement Agreement.

As a charter school operating in the City of St. Louis, SLLIS is bound to abide by this Settlement Agreement.  In the event that a student is enrolled who is not compliant with the terms of the Settlement Agreement, SLLIS will notify families of the noncompliance and what families can do to move their student back into compliance. If a student remains noncompliant, they will have to disenroll from SLLIS.

More information about Charter School Admission Policies in the State of Missouri can be found at:



2 responses to “A note on SLLIS’ Enrollment Policy

  1. Could you share in what capacity the enrollment policy is being addressed in the news and if there is a link to follow the story? Thanks

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