TSS Teacher Appreciation + Giving thanks

The next TSS teacher appreciation day will be on November 28th.  In light of the Thanksgiving holiday, parent coordinator Amy is asking each child to either write a letter or draw a picture telling their teachers what about the teacher they are thankful for.  There will be an envelope in each classroom labeled TSS Appreciation, that they can put their work in, and Amy will pick them up on Friday, November 16th.

In addition to a note for their teacher and teacher’s assistants, please don’t forget pictures or letters for Christopher Barker (P.E), Mary Densmore (Yoga), Perla Rivera (art), Yuri Casas (Librarian), Giovana Aldave (Reading Coordinator), Carolina Conrad (Title 1 reading), Irene William (T1 reading), Jessica Lopez (T1 Math), Margarita Solis (T1 Math), Ana Manzano (Latin), Madison Brown (ELA), Kana Kusumoto (ELA), Jill Meyer (ELL), Philip Brotherton (Music), Maribel Maritinez (Asst. Head of School), Arlene Galve (Head of School).

If anyone would like to volunteer to put together any of the books or donate binders, Amy can be reached at amyn_anderson@yahoo.com.  We are in need of 48 one or two inch binders to ensure each teacher gets a book.

Thanks for your help! ¡Gracias por su ayuda!


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