TSS Teacher Appreciation Lunch – We need more donations!

We still need lots of volunteers for side dishes, desserts and a couple of main dishes for the October 31st teacher appreciation lunch!  Please email Amy Anderson at amyn_anderson@yahoo.com to sign up and show our TSS teachers how much we appreciate their hard work!


2 responses to “TSS Teacher Appreciation Lunch – We need more donations!

  1. CouLd you tell us a little more about these lunches? Do parents provide the lunch for the teachers? Do parents attend? Where ate the lunches held? Thanks! Amy (Kindergrten parent)

    • Hi Amy, Thanks for your interest in the Teacher Appreciation Lunches! The lunches are organized by TSS parent Amy Perrin. She will solicit donations from TSS parents every month. On the designated dates each month, the donated foods parents drop off at school are set out “buffet style” for teachers and staff to enjoy at lunchtime. Different grade levels are assigned different types of dishes, just to assure that we don’t end up with all desserts or something like that. You can read more about the lunches on our previous blog post here: https://sllis.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/tss-teacher-appreciation-lunch/

      You are welcome to email Amy for more information!

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