Notes for September 2012 Board Meeting

We held the September Board of Directors meeting Wednesday, 26th from 6pm-8pm in the multipurpose room at Papin.  Board of Directors meetings are always open to the public and we encourage you to attend a meeting.  Thank you to the Campbell (TFS), Delassus (TFS), Dodson (TFS), Dyer/Hodzic (TFS), Ford/Urenda (TSS), Stewart/Wigglesworth (TCS). True/Krob (TCS), Schauss (TSS) and Jensen/Amato (TFS) families for attending in September.

We had four public comments at the meeting.  TFS mom Sarah Halpin wrote her public comment to me because she couldn’t attend, so I read her e-mail to the Board.  Her concerns were about enrollment– enrolling students in upper grades who do not speak the immersion language and the negative impact that has on immersion language integrity and potential behavior; kindergarten cut-off date.  We have very young 5s (our cut-off date is October 1st, the federal cut-off date) and some of them seem to be perpetually struggling with social readiness that follows them into older grades.  Carol Dyer TFS mom made a public comment about classroom management and behavior in new teacher classrooms, support available to those teachers, socialization expectations for all students and her frustration with continued management needs schoolwide and concern that this would lead to more attrition in her grade level.  Sarah Jensen, TFS mom, echoed Carol’s concerns and voiced similar needs for her daughter and request for support for their environment.  TSS grandmother Rosalyn Ford questioned the enforcement of the tardy policy and concern that it would keep more students from attending school.

In my report I presented our fall data dashboard of student/teacher demographics (see attached), discussed the first six weeks of school with input from Arlene, Head of The Spanish School, and acknowledgement of the start-up challenges of TCS.  I presented a SLLIS-wide data dashboard and we discussed having school-specific data dashboards available for the SAC meetings to involve more parents in a school-wide analysis.  I reported on our strategic planning process and charter renewal timeline.  An ad hoc committee of the Board will form and review/revise our strategic plan to present at the November Board retreat.  Based on the Board approved strategic plan and compliance requirements from our sponsor (UMSL) and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, I will begin drafting our renewal documents in January.  As we did with our initial charter, I will work with a Charter Review Committee of parents, K-12 educators, and university professors to provide feedback on how well our charter language matches the strategic plan and compliance requirements.  We will announce the process for selection to that committee this fall.

The Finance, Facilities and Audit committee presented and discussed the July Financial Statement (see attached), Audit timeline and reserved the facilities timeline discussion for Executive Session.  To accommodate our audit approval timeline, the October Board of Directors meeting will be held Tuesday, October 30th at 6pm at Papin.  Please note the schedule change.

The Academic Excellence Committee will present the MAP data analysis at the October meeting.  Sara, our PYP Coordinator, presented our PYP authorization timeline for TFS and TSS.  Both schools are candidate schools for the PYP and have submitted Application B.  This year we will have 2 teams (unofficial and official) visit each campus for the determination of our IBO World School status.

Our Board chair appointed Vince Schoemehl to chair the Development Committee.  Rachel, our Director of Development, presented our annual development goals, progress to date and updates on our 3 SLLIS special events:  Soirée to benefit social equity programs and scholarships for our students (Tomorrow!!! Hope to see you there), Trivia Night (February) to benefit the 5th grade international trips, and Night of Celebration (June) to support expansion.

Thanks to everyone who hung in throughout the public session!  I hope to see you, and a few new faces at our October meeting (please note the date change: Tuesday, October 30th, 6pm at Papin).


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