Join a SLLIS basketball team!

This year SLLIS will be fielding 3 basketball teams for the FALL 2012 Season. There will be a 1st-2nd grade co-ed team, a 3rd-4th grade girls team and 3rd-4th grade boys team. There will be 7-10 games played throughout the season, plus tournaments. The season starts November 3rd and ends December 15th.

The registration fee is $80. The fee includes custom complete uniforms, which will be worn for the  Fall and Winter leagues.

Registration deadline is Friday, October 5th. Practices are tentatively scheduled to be on Mondays and Thursdays at 6 pm. Practice begins the week of October 22nd. This may change depending on gym availability.

If you have any questions please contact Brandon Moore at 314-683-0229 or


2 responses to “Join a SLLIS basketball team!

  1. No basketball offered for Kindergarten kids?

    • Hi Melissa,
      You’ll have to ask Brandon why b-ball wasn’t offered for Kindergarten this year. Maybe he’d be willing to form a team with more helping hands!

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