News from TCS Vol. 1, Issue 2 + Open House information

Ni hao! Check out the latest TCS newsletter and read all about Open House below:

Kindergarten Ope House: Monday, Sept. 24th from 6 – 7 pm

First grade Open House: Tuesday, Sept. 25th from 6 – 7 pm

These are parent-only events. Please arrange for child care. If you can’t arrange for child care, however, we will have sitters available at school.

Open House is an opportunity for parents to get to know their child’s teacher and your child’s academic program. These events provide parents with an “inside look” into the daily activities and occurrences in your child’s classroom. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for teachers to actively recruit parents as partners in the education of their children.

The Open House agenda for both nights will be as follows:

  1. Teacher welcome and greeting
  2. Brief introduction of teacher
  3. Presentation about the daily classroom schedule, homework policy, curriculum plan, classroom rules/behavior expectations, behavior management, parent-teacher communication and student progress
  4. Q & A and classroom tour

Your attendance is very important to us. See you there!



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