A thank you note from Anne

Thank you everyone who helped man the SLLIS booth at Festival of
Nations in Tower Grove Park this past weekend. We had an amazing
turnout of parents, students, and staff.

I want to give a shout out to Karen McFerran, Kathy Brock, Joi Garth,
Jennifer Johnson, Marybeth Strauss, Brenda Butler, Jennifer Williams,
Tracy Britt, Pam Stewart, Veronica Cruz y familia, Hattie Daily,
Connie Lai, Zachary Clark, Erin Malone, Kelley Coalier, Dee Matthews,
Melanie DeMeester & family, Maria Brett, Marisol Badillo, Pat Willeke,
numerous TSS, TFS & TCS students, Kana Kusutomo our intern from Japan,
& lots of staff members who stopped at the table to visit and speak
with parents. We reached so many prospective families, and our parents
were able to share wonderful, first hand experiences. There is a lot
of buzz about SLLIS, and hundreds of families sought us out this
weekend. It is always amazing to hear the comments from prospective
parents and their excitement about the opportunity that SLLIS
provides. Our parents and students are our best advertisement – so
thank you again for taking time out of your busy lives to come spread
the word!


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