TCS/TSS Mosaic News: Week 2

Hello everyone and congratulations on the start to a really great school year! I hope everyone is settled in and enjoying being a part of the SLLIS community as much as I am. I am having fun meeting so many new faces and really want to thank you and your families for welcoming MOSAIC this year and offering your patience and support as we get the program up and running.

I hope you have had a chance to check out our awesome display boards in the cafeteria, both of which had the help of our awesome MOSAIC students. If you hadn’t guessed by looking, our theme for this year is “Reach for the Stars” which encourages our students to set positive goals and to understand that the sky truly is the limit when it comes to their hopes and dreams. We’re reinforcing this theme in every unit we do in MOSAIC , including the “Star Charts” where MOSAIC students can earn starts for demonstrating positive behaviors before and after school. Look for rewards to come home in your student’s backpack as they quickly fill up their star charts. Also, the grade levels are aiming to fill their star charts for a “Group Celebration” at the end of the quarter, so we hope we can get your help in encouraging positive behavior throughout the school day.

The other bulletin board we have posted is our “Be a Hero” board. MOSAIC students this week have been talking about bullying and why it is important to be a hero, not a bully. This week we designed our own Anti-Bullying superheroes to add to the board and today we will be signing our MOSAIC anti-bullying contract which will promote positive behaviors and help recognize and
combat bullying behaviors both in MOSAIC as well as inside and outside the classroom during the school day.

We are currently putting the final touches on our after school activities selection. I am really excited for you guys to see all of the different options we have in store for the fall semester including, chess, circus, baking, garden club, yoga, magic club and dance. Look for that to come home either the end of this week or early next week. MOSAIC students will receive 2 of these activities, and applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis so be sure and get your applications in early. Keep in mind there may be an additional charge for some of the premium activities.

Please remember, payments for August were due last week. I understand that it is the beginning of the school year and everyone is trying to catch up with everything, and we are trying to be understanding. Please understand that after this month any payment not received within the first 3 days of the 1st day of the month will have a $10 late fee. Any payment arrangements must be approved by the site director. While we are still waiting for scholarship information, everyone MUST pay for the first month in full. August is subsidized so everyone only needs to pay 1/2 the standard rate. If you are not sure of your rate, please let me know and I can check it for you. Payments not received by Friday (with no notification to the site director) will result in a late fee or your child being dropped from the program. Space is limited and MOSAIC is full both in the morning and the afternoon. For those who have paid already, I have prepared receipts for you and they are in my office, you may pick them up either at drop off or at pick up.

Find the daily am/pm schedule for MOSAIC along with a copy of the intended daily curriculum here. The curriculum is subject to change as we try and plan activities for MOSAIC that matches the monthly theme. Below is this week’s activities to match up to the attached schedule. The schedule will help you in knowing where your child will be at pick up time, when they do homework, enrichment, and when they eat snack to help you better plan accordingly. Keep in mind that while we try to stick to this schedule, some activities take longer than others.

I want to Thank You all again for an awesome first week and please email me if you have any other questions, comments or Concerns

Sara P Asmus
MOSAIC Site Director- Saint Louis Language Immersion School TSS/TCS


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