Mosaic reminder and further information

Don’t forget that Mosaic registration is due on Wednesday, May 30th, including the $35 registration fee. Registration forms and fee must be turned in by May 30th because we are hiring and training staff based on the number of registrations turned in by that date. Late registrations and/or fees may be required to wait for additional staff to be hired and trained and may not be able to attend Mosaic on the first day of school.

Mosaic registration forms went home with current students in backpacks this week. If you haven’t received yours, download it here.

Responses to parent questions about Mosaic:

What kind of snacks will be served at Mosaic?

Healthy snacks.

What is the discipline policy?

Mosaic Staff will follow the SLLIS Code of Conduct and Discipline policy.

How will check in/out be handled for security?

Check in will be similar to what families currently experience with the Y. Families will be required to sign students in and out daily.

Are all the providers screened?

Yes, Mosaic staff are SLLIS employees and as such have required child abuse screening and fingerprinting.

Is there unscheduled time for the child?

Yes, each day participants will have the space to choose their own activities including at least 30 minutes of outdoor play with weather permitting.

Are the instructors trained in CPR/First Aid?

Instructors will be trained annually in CPR, First Aid and allergy and asthma response.

Will Mosaic run on holidays?

No. Club SLLIS will operate on no-school days.

What is the child to staff ratio?

There will be a 15:1 child to staff ratio, and each building will have a site director.

Please direct any questions about Mosaic to Sonia ( or Maribel ( While Maribel is still on maternity leave, you may contact Arlene (


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