A note (and a challenge!) from Mme. Kate, our TFS library teacher

The Library Book Return Challenge:

Please help your child remember to turn in his or her library book before school
lets out, so that ALL of our books can make the move to our beautiful new school
building. Returning borrowed books will ensure that the shelves in our spacious
new library are well stocked for the start of next school year!

We have a competition going among the classes to see which class can be the
FIRST to have every single student return his or her library book; the winning
class will have a celebration. So far, Mme. Sally’s class is in the lead, with only
four books left to turn in!

Book Donations to TFS are Welcome!

For those of you who relish picking through rummage sales and perusing the goods at book drives, here’s a chance to put your bargain-hunting tendencies to use: St. Louis summers are full of opportunities to stumble across low-cost, gently used books that would make lovely additions to our school library. Both English AND French titles are welcome; check out the upcoming sales below, or just keep an eye out for book bargains at local libraries, churches, or around your neighborhood!

Not sure what type of books we need most? Picture books, chapter books, and
nonfiction books are all welcome. In addition, we are always looking for books that support the PYP units for each class. Here is a list of broad themes you might look for, with more specific topic ideas in parentheses:

  • Relationships (e.g., similarities/differences, how we communicate, conflict resolution)
  • Ourselves (e.g., our emotions, bodies, family)
  • Earth (e.g., how humans affect it, living things, cycles, archeology, geography)
  • Cultures (e.g., traditions, folk stories, exploration, history, movement/adaptation of people)
  • Communities (e.g., governments, roles/jobs, responsibilities, social justice, buildings/structures)
  • PYP character traits (appreciation, curiosity, creativity, cooperation, integrity, independence, courage, commitment, confidence, empathy, enthusiasm, respect, tolerance)

These are merely suggestions. ANY book you manage to snag will be much
appreciated! Feel free to judge a book by its cover – the most important thing is to have engaging, beautiful books to help kids learn to LOVE reading.

Merci, and happy reading this summer!


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