PA meeting minutes and volunteer opportunities

The Parents Assembly would like to thank TFS parent Brian Koebbe for his years of hard work on IT issues at SLLIS — especially his programming wizardry on the MySLLIS project. As we learned tonight, it’s not a parent portal, it’s designed to provide a way for the entire community to improve communications — teachers, staff, committees, and supporters of the schools.

If you missed the demonstration, you’ll have to wait until MySLLIS’ official launch in March.  UNLESS, that is, you volunteer to lend a hand. Brian is actively seeking parents to:

  • Help train teachers in how to use MySLLIS
  • Gather data in order to prioritize what features are added first
  • Assist in project management as the site grows

If you’re interested in hearing more, contact Brian at to find out more.

The minutes from the PA meeting — including information about the bylaws, finances, PA-SAC transition meetings and more — are available by clicking here.

Take our spending survey!

The PA has a current balance of roughly $18,000, and only $4,500 of it has been allocated. We need your help deciding what funding needs should be our top priorities. Go to the survey and rate the options or add one of your own to the list. Results will be published in the March PA newsletter and announced at the PA meeting that month.

More volunteer opportunities

  1. Host families for two TFS interns who need homes for 12 weeks starting in March.  This is an urgent need!  Hosts do not need to be SLLIS parents (relatives or friends are OK) but they do need to be able to provide the intern with a private bedroom. Contact:
  2. Grocery cards for host families. This parent-to-parent exchange can be coordinated via Molly Koebbe at
  3. Staff Appreciation Task Force leader. This person lines up food and volunteers for the monthly potluck lunch, makes sure the teachers have coffee and tea (funded by the Parents Assembly), and finds creative gifts for Staff Appreciation Week in May. If you’d like to help but don’t want to lead, drop Lisa a line anyway and let her know how you can support her efforts:
  4. Brainstorming and writing for the annual report the PA is putting together in time for the April election. Please e-mail if you have experience writing annual reports.
  5. An extra set of hands (or two!) to help label the buzzbooks for distribution.  Yes, at long last they will be printed this week! Please contact Megan Hinrichsen at

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