Ways to Give

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and here we are – in the thick of the holiday season, waiting for our first snow fall.

As you may know, the holiday season is also a popular time for charitable giving.  Below, you’ll find a variety of ways to support SLLIS in the months and years to come.

  • Annual Appeal: Giving in response to the letter you received. Donors can provide a “restricted” or an “unrestricted” gift to SLLIS.  Unrestricted gifts will be used where there’s the most need.  Restricted gifts will be used as the donors instruct.
  • Matching Gifts: Your place of employment, affinity organization, or credit card company may match your gift to SLLIS, up to a certain amount each year.  Some employers will even double or triple your gift during targeted campaigns  For help locating the necessary, documents, please email Rachel.dsouza-siebert@sllis.org.
  • Gifts In Kind: Our students always benefit from contributions of classroom supplies, art materials, books and other material goods that enhance the school day experience.  These types of charitable gifts are tax deductible as well!  When donating an in-kind gift, please make sure to fill out the In-Kind Donation Form.
  • Host a Friendraiser: Everyone loves a party!  Volunteer to host a friendraiser – it can be a themed gathering or just an evening happy hour with close friends.  SLLIS can give a small presentation at your event and follow up with your guests for a continued relationship and/or monetary contribution.
  • Corporate Giving: Does your place of employment have a foundation?  Put SLLIS in contact with the foundation officer or community outreach staff and we’ll take it from there!

For questions, don’t hesitate to contact Rachel, our Director of Development, at 314-633-8318 ext. 871 or Rachel.dsouza-siebert@sllis.org.

Happy Holidays!  Stay warm this week!




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