Growing our School Advisory Council(s)

Chères familles, Queridas familias, Dear families,

As a public charter school we have a unique framework that guides our work.  Our charter outlines our philosophy and goals for student performance, board composition and governance, staff performance and parent support.

What’s happening?

This school year the Parents’ Assembly will fold in to the School Advisory Council structure.  Our charter designed the School Advisory Council to provide a space for parents, teachers and school administrators to practice shared leadership.  As defined in the charter the School Advisory Council and School Enrichment Program give parents and staff an opportunity to work together to address community needs.

When will this take place?

This winter we will be transitioning the parent leadership and volunteer components of the PA to the School Advisory Councils(SACs).  Attached please find a brief overview of how the School Advisory Councils will incorporate the current PA task forces.  Our staff is enthusiastic about being able to provide more support to parent volunteer groups by having a designated staff member liaison for each task force.  The final transition will be in place by summer 2012.

What does this mean for my current parent volunteer activities/roles?

Your current volunteer activities will be largely unchanged.  The current task forces and special events committees will continue to operate in the same fashion AND have the administrative support of a single staff member.

How can you be involved/learn more about the transition?

As you may imagine, this transition is a bit complicated.  We have a series of transition planning meetings in January and February to address the more complicated components of fundraising, finance, master calendar planning and communications.  Beginning January 4th, transition meetings for each of these topics will be held on Wednesdays from 4pm-5pm in the Parents Lounge.

We hope that you will join us for the next SAC meetings to begin this transition with us.   All parents are welcome to attend every SAC meeting:

TSS SAC meeting: January 9th                 TFS SAC meeting: January 10th

Tuesday, December 6th, Conrad Wildsmith, Head of The French School, will be at the Parents Assembly meeting to discuss this transition and help answer parent questions about our next steps.

As always, thank you ALL for your support and commitment to our school community.

Rhonda J. Broussard
Founder, President


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