Reminder: No School Monday Oct. 27

There will be no school on Monday, October 27. This is due to parent-teacher conferences. We will see you back at school on Tuesday, October 28.

Club SLLIS on October 27, November 11 and November 26

There are still a few spots left for the October 27 Club SLLIS. Please contact Lisa Berman directly at or at 314-398-6839 if you still need to sign up.
There will be no school on November 11 and November 26 due to holidays. If you need child care, Club SLLIS is a fee-based child care program offered at the Papin Building for all SLLIS students. Read more about the program below.

Club SLLIS provides educational and interactive programming for SLLIS students during weekdays during the school year when school is not in session. SLLIS student siblings are also permitted to enroll if they are in grades K-5. All Club SLLIS days will follow the same schedule and have designated themes. Four activity periods will be developed that incorporate developmentally-appropriate, enriching activities. Every Club SLLIS day will include a presentation by an outside performer that relates to the day’s theme, when possible.

The registration forms can be found at the links below. They are also available in every school’s lobby, at pick up from the Mosaic program and will be emailed to every family with email. For any questions, please contact Club SLLIS Coordinator, Lisa Berman, at or 314-398-6839

Club SLLIS Registration October 2014

Club SLLIS Registration November 2014

Faces Around SLLIS — Meet Katie Uldall-Welch

Who are you and how did you get to SLLIS?

My name is Katie Uldall-Welch;  I am a proud mother of three, a lover of the outdoors, and a goofball by nature.  I do take my job VERY seriously, though.  This is my first year as SLLIS’s Special Education Compliance Manager.  I was first introduced to SLLIS during January of 2014 when I worked as a Special Education Compliance Consultant for the Missouri Charter Public School Association.  I fell in love with the schools, the staff, the students, and the families, so I was terribly sad when my consultation with SLLIS came to an end.  When I saw that SLLIS had an opening in Special Education, I applied within an hour of the job being posted!  I was incredibly excited to apply for the job, and that excitement has not subsided.  I’m still elated to be a member of the SLLIS team.

What drives you to work at a school/serve children?

I sort of fell into working with schools, but I can pinpoint the experience that turned my job into my passion.  I was working for a high school in the city, and I had a student who was really struggling.  His attendance was poor, he was skipping class to go to detention, and his grades were terrible.  His teachers were beginning to see him as a lost cause, and the school began looking for an alternative setting for him to earn his diploma or G.E.D.   This was my fourth year working with this particular student, and I was determined that he would walk across the graduation stage with his classmates.  I worked closely with the student and his family to develop a plan to help him stay at the high school with his peers, and I stayed positive about his ability to succeed.  I was thrilled to see that over time my positive attitude about this student had rubbed off on my fellow teachers; I had gone from being his only cheerleader in the school to being only one of many!  He graduated with his class that spring.  This experience demonstrated to me the power of positivity.  What better place to wield the power of a positive spirit than in a school?  Here, I have the opportunity to make a real difference for so many.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I spend most of my time away from work with my three children, who are 4, 5, and 8 years old.  Essentially, my life outside of work revolves around their preferred activities:  going to the park, riding bikes, and watching “Dr. Who”.  I recognize that this isn’t terribly exciting, but it’s the truth!

Describe your favorite meal.

I could eat vegetarian Indian food all day, every day.  Pass the Navratan Korma!  Finish it off with a slice of key lime pie, and I’m a very happy lady.

What are your hopes and dreams for SLLIS?

My dream for SLLIS is that every single student who walks through the school doors realizes his/her potential.  My hope is that every child is given the individualized support that he or she needs to maximize academic and personal growth.  Scratch that – these are more than hopes and dreams.  These are goals, and I think SLLIS is getting closer to meeting them every day.

Weekly Overview 10/13-10/17

  • Tuesday, October 14: First Quarter Ends
  • Tuesday, October 14: TFS SAC Meeting 6pm
  • Tuesday, October 14: TCS SAC Meeting 6:30pm
  • Thursday and Friday, October 16-17: No School for all schools

Save the Date: Dine out for SLLIS at Layla Lebanese

On Wednesday, October 22 the Grove restaurant Layla Lebanese is hosting a “dine out for SLLIS” night from 4-9pm. 20% of all proceeds, both dine-in and carryout, will go to SLLIS. Special thanks to Jason Sparks of Layla for this fundraising opportunity.

Layla is located at 4317 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63110. The restaurant takes reservations but walk-ins are welcome.

Click here for a menu.

Faces Around SLLIS — Meet Sarah Kirschner

Sarah Kirschner is the Chief Operating Officer at SLLIS.

In your opinion, what is St. Louis’ best kept secret?

In my opinion, St. Louis is its own best kept secret. Although I grew up near St. Louis, I didn’t live here until I moved from San Francisco 20 years ago. Moving from the Bay Area is hard to do; it’s beautiful, fun, crazy and great. I still love it. But St. Louis has become much more fun and great over the years. The restaurants are wonderful and keep getting better, the tech and entrepreneurial scenes are growing and drawing people, and I keep finding something new – like the St. Louis Language Immersion Schools where I just started working. We have great cultural institutions like the art and history museums, the symphony and, my favorite, the Missouri Botanical Garden. Our traffic isn’t too bad and the weather, while it can be awful, changes enough to keep it interesting. After 20 years, I love it here!

Any advice for prospective parents?

Being a parent, I try never to give advice to parents. I can only hope that I’ve done more right than wrong. It’s the hardest job in the world.

If you could have dinner with 3 people (dead or alive) who would they be?

I’m a huge fan of Eleanor Roosevelt. She had a very challenging upbringing and her marriage must have been a challenge as well, but she did so much good I would love to hear her talk about her life and accomplishments.

Ernest Shackleton, who led one of the most amazing (both disastrous and incredible) expeditions to the Antarctic would be a pretty interesting dinner companion. After being stranded in an ice field, seeing his ship crushed in the ice, and crossing uncharted glaciers to get help, he managed to rescue his men and return to England.

Speaking of disasters, Jon Krakauer has written a great book (Into Thin Air) about a terrible season on Mt. Everest as well as other really good books and articles. He might have some interesting tales and would probably enjoy spending time with Shackleton.

Tell us about your favorite vacation.

I live to travel and I’ve had some really great trips, but one that stands out was a trip to Hong Kong with three friends. Two of us flew from St. Louis, one from Atlanta and one met us in Hong Kong, where she was living. Our friend worked for a large hotel so she made us feel incredibly welcome with a suite overlooking the harbor, breakfast in the hotel and the most amazing sightseeing. We didn’t have to do anything but get there. And nothing beats spending a week with three close friends.

What are your hopes and dreams for SLLIS?

Being the Chief Operating Officer, my dreams are kind of ordinary. I want to build infrastructure – facilities, policies, procedures, and plans so that the educators, the people who really make a school special, can do their best work.

Recently Updated: School Culture Calendars

Based on feedback received from our parents & guardians, we are please to share that consolidation of School Event Information has begun. Registrar Amanda Harris has populated individual school calendars on the SLLIS website:

This one calendar now includes all SLLIS-wide events, as well as individual school calendars. You can select which calendar(s) you want to view by clicking the arrow at  the top-right of the calendar next to the Agenda tab. The calendars will include all  cultural events on each campus. Amanda will do her very best to keep these accurate and up-to-date, but it’s a big job and we’re counting on the whole SLLIS community to help out. So, if you have questions or corrections regarding any of the calendars, please contact