Faces Around SLLIS – Meet Kim Hinton

Ms. Kim Hinton joined the SLLIS community this year as our Receptionist at the Marine Campus.  You will find her friendly face supporting visitors to The Chinese School & The International School.

Any advice for prospective parents?

I have adult children who grew up in the St. Louis Public School System. As much as I wanted to home school them, I was unable to do so because of divorce and single parenting. They were able to excel in their primary studies but were not fully prepared for college enrollment. The St. Louis Language Immersion Schools’ vision and mission inspired me to research further. The language immersion schools would have been the ultimate opportunity for my children to learn in a culturally diverse setting. Without a doubt, my grandchildren will become a part of the SLLIS family. I feel assured that they will be better prepared to compete in today’s society.

What drives you to work at a school/serve children?

Out of all of the positions that I have held, I am most proud of being a mother/homemaker. Now that my children are adults, I would just like to finish my career in a position of serving children and their parents.

If you could have dinner with 5 people (dead or alive) who would they be?

In no particular order:

1) Maya Angelou

2) Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

3) Barack and Michelle Obama

4) Nelson Mandela

5) Donny Hathaway

Describe your favorite meal.

I love soul food the way my mother made it. My ideal meal would be:

  • Baked chicken
  • Mixed greens with smoked turkey, tomatoes and onions
  • Baked sweet potato
  • Baked macaroni and cheese
  • Pimento cornbread
  • Iced Tea

And of course, all shared with my friends and family!

Weekly Overview, Updates & October Lunch Menus

Monday, Sept. 29:

  • TFS Gathering — Student Council Elections
  • Dine out for SLLIS at Bailey’s Range from 5p-8p

Tuesday, Sept. 30:

  • TSS Curriculum Night — Grade level class meetings celebrating Unit 1
  • Enrollment Tour: 8am – 10am, The Spanish School

Wednesday, Oct. 1:

  • Enrollment for 2015 – 2016 School Year Begins

Friday, Oct. 3:

  • TSS Friday Assembly (2A) and Readers Recognition Event

Saturday, Oct 4:

  • GroveFest
  • Best of Missouri Market @ Missouri Botanical Gardens (through Sunday)
  • Shaw Art Fair (through Sunday)

October Lunch Menus

Marine-October Menu

Papin-October Menu

Pine-October Menu

October Club SLLIS Days
There will be no school on October 16, 17 or 27. If you need child care, Club SLLIS is a fee-based child care program offered at the Papin Building for all SLLIS students. Read more about the program below.
Club SLLIS provides educational and interactive programming for SLLIS students during weekdays during the school year when school is not in session. SLLIS student siblings are also permitted to enroll if they are in grades K-5. All Club SLLIS days will follow the same schedule and have designated themes. Four activity periods will be developed that incorporate developmentally-appropriate, enriching activities. Every Club SLLIS day will include a presentation by an outside performer that relates to the day’s theme, when possible.
The form can be found by clicking Club SLLIS Registration October 2014. It is also available in every school’s lobby, at pick up from the Mosaic program and will be emailed to every family with email by either their classroom teacher or Head of School. For any questions, please contact Club SLLIS Coordinator, Lisa Berman, at lisa.berman@sllis.org or 314-398-6839.

Don’t forget – 9/29 Dine out for SLLIS at Bailey’s Range

We are excited to partner with Bailey’s Range as their September Community Table Partner. On Monday, September 29, Bailey Range will donate 25% of sales between 5pm – 8pm to St. Louis Language Immersion Schools. Instead of spending your day wondering what to make for dinner, grab your family (or your friends!) and head to Bailey’s Range.Bailey’s Range is located on 920 Olive Street at the intersection of N. 10th Street and Olive Street. Reservations are recommended for large groups. For more information on Community Table Night or to see the menu, visit www. baileysrange.com. We are thankful to SLLIS supporters David & Kara Bailey for making this opportunity available to our school community.

So mark your calendars – We look forward to seeing you there!

Time to Celebrate – ATLAS Turns 1!!

This fall, our ATLAS Monthly Giving Program celebrated its first anniversary. Here’s a few photos of last week’s celebration – Thanks to Chris Hansen and The Dark Room for hosting our great group of ATLAS members.

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3  photo 1

ATLAS was established in 2013 as another way to support the every day operations & programming of SLLIS in a hassle-free way.Thanks to all of our ATLAS Members – together, they contributed over $12,000 last year.

Adewale Ogunrinde & Hilary Scott-Ogunrinde
Alfred & Kirsten Abotsi
Aliah Holman
Allynson Ford
Amy & Kevin Trapp
Arun Varadhachary and Maria Grazia Cappiello
Barbara & Timothy Kasten
Beth & Phillip Weeks
Betty Dial
Rochelle Dixon
Brionne Spearman
Carmen Hornberger
Chassidy Phipps & Deangelo Greenwood
Chip Meyer and Lisa Dorner
Cindy Farrow
Daria Cullen
DeAngelo and Tracy Britt
Deanna and Brian Corrigan
Dr. Lydia Chen
Dr. Steven J. Sanchez
Emma & Carter Hand
Gregory and Elizabeth DeLassus
Jason Davis
Jennifer Jones
Jim and Heather Lake
Jim Schallom
Joshua and Kim Smith
Kevin Harkins
Lauren Morgan & David Young
Leon Brown and LaCrisha Okain
Lisa D’Souza & Doug Stevick
Lisa Orr
Matthew and Amy Huff
Megan & Ryan Hutt
Megan Phillips
Michael & Erin Malone
Nicole Pace
Patrick and Cherie McElroy
Peter and Sheila Manion
Rhonda Broussard
Stephanie Bradford Wilkerson
Susan Herzberg
Tammarra Robinson
Tobias and Elizabeth Winright
Tricia Kinman
Zachary Clark

By signing up to make a monthly donation, you help SLLIS build sustainability & ensure that, while the timing/amount of public funding can be uncertain, SLLIS students have access to all necessary resources year-round.

 You become part of a very special group of SLLIS supporters who strengthen the foundation of our school to provide our students with an exceptional immersion language curriculum

You contribute to SLLIS’ execution of its strategic plan and reduce fundraising costs – fewer expenses = more fund diverted towards students & programs!

AND – Once you join ATLAS (by going online), you’re done! Well, not really -we do send you a nifty gift for joining :)

Consider joining ATLAS today to help us Uphold Our World.

Bon Voyage – Rhonda heads to Finland!


Reminder: No School on Friday, Sept. 19

There will be no school on Friday, September 19. This is a professional development day for staff. We hope you enjoy the longer weekend with your family and we’ll see you back at school on Monday, September 22.

Q&A with Prianna Eanes, Receptionist for The French School

Who are you and How did you get to SLLIS?

I am Prianna Eanes, Receptionist for The French School. I am very much an extrovert, in every sense of the word. I enjoy learning, meeting new people, exposing myself to new worlds. I am very emotionally driven. Because of that, I immerse myself in creativity, whether it is art, music, or literature. I am passionately driven to anything that touches the soul. That very trait is what drew me to SLLIS. Originally, I worked as a temporary receptionist, but as I spent more time at the school and learned more about language immersion and this great opportunity offered to children I quickly decided this was something I wanted to be a part of.

What drives you to work at a school/serve children?

Naturally, I have very intuitive maternal instincts. I’m protective, especially of things I am tied to/responsible for. I see myself as being tied somewhat to the students of TFS. I work daily to support them. Seeing their growth and maturity as they learn drives me. It’s amazing seeing children as young as five years old learning and speaking a foreign language — having opportunities I did not have.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

When I am not at work I am busy being a newlywed wife. Being very family oriented, I like to spend quality time with my husband and family.

Describe your favorite meal.

My favorite meal is one my grandmother cooks: traditional soul food. This meal consists of collard greens, black-eyed peas, candied yams, mac and cheese, chicken and dumplings, the list could go on… Then, to top it off, peach cobbler.

What are your hopes and dreams for SLLIS?

I have hopes of SLLIS growing and expanding not only in St. Louis but nationwide. In addition to having St. Louis Language Immersion Schools, I look forward to expanding into other cities, then eventually states, to have Illinois Language Immersion Schools.